The advantages of cooperation with Eska Capital


Advantages of cooperation with ESKA Capital company

Leasing programs of ESKA Capital company are notable for availability and loyalty to the business.

Financing conditions including:

  • rational requirements for the company financial measures - we are working with a real business and providing an individual solutions for each Client
  • fixed payments (fixed rate of value appreciation) that allow for the company to plan financial flows clearly
  • accounting of the leasing subject on the balance of the Lessor allows for the Lessee does not reflect the accounts payable in its balance and provides the optimal ratio of own and debt capital on the company balance, and improves the investment attractiveness of your business

Integrated business solutions allow for effectively combine leasing programs with other banking products and services.

We always:

  • promptly provide our Clients with vehicles - from cars to trucks and special machines on lease;
  • offer a wide range of leasing programs, and comfortable service;

Above all, we appreciate the comfort and safety of our Clients.

From the first turn to the company you feel yourself privileged. You will be offered individual service and consulting services on all matters relating to the leasing at your convenience.

VIP-terms for each:

  • We have created the unique environment in which every entrepreneur who applied for leasing can feel like a VIP client. You just need to choose the leasing subject from the supplier, and the ESKA Capital specialists will take care of everything else.
  • Our specialists will select for you the schedules of lease payments in compliance with business individual characteristics.
  • For execution of leasing deal will require a minimal package of documents without notarial certification, our manager will help you to prepare it. To finance the purchase of leasing subject it is sufficient for us to receive your copies of constitutional documents and financial statements, as well as confirmation of person who authorized to sign the Lease Agreement.
  • We will explain to you how to extract the real economic benefits from leasing and how to be able to save on the tax payments. You will be provided consulting support throughout the Agreement.
  • Time of leasing deal implementation in ESKA Capital is unique for the Ukrainian leasing market. We are especially proud that we are able to implement a deal with you faster than many others leasing companies.
  • The leasing subject may be transferred to you after three to five days from the date of documents providing.

Unblemished reliability

Financial stability indicators of ESKA Capital are among the highest in the industry. We avoid the risky deals thereby protecting the financial well-being of our Clients.

Your Accounting Officer can be not worried about the timely receipt of closing documents.

We are ready to remind with due advance about cashing time approximation for protecting you from inadvertent payment delay.

You can use the advisory service of ESKA Capital – by turning to your personal manager.

More than 70% of entrepreneurs, who have turned to us for the lease, become the regular Clients.