About leasing


About Leasing

There are many arguments in favor financing via leasing, if at least three of them you find convincing, please, contact us.

1. Freedom of choice: the Lessee himself determines what he wants, in what time and from what vendor.

2. Firmness during financial planning: the amount of lease payments and the term of the lease agreement are originally known.

3. Flexibility: the leasing deal is structured in accordance with the needs and capabilities of each Lessee.

4. Liquidity maintaining: financing through leasing tool allows you to maintain liquidity of your business at an appropriate level, without resorting to borrowing. Leasing start coincides with the beginning of leasing subject use.

5. Favorable balance sheet structure: the Lessor is the owner of the leasing subject and the leasing subject is on its balance. Your obligations to the leasing company are reflected outside of "balance".

6. The tax advantages: the lease payments in a part of the interest and commissions are included in gross expenditures.

7. Maximum efficiency: in addition to proper funding, ESKA Capital also offers related services such as insurance.

8. High innovative potential: leasing allows enterprises to maximize the opportunities of technological progress. You can regularly update the machinery park replacing the running, but already outdated equipment at the new, more modern.

9. Regular cost loading: possible equipment underutilization is associated with the change in market conditions, carries easier than purchasing equipment at their own expense.

10. Sales Promotion: leasing has become increasingly important as an alternative tool for marketing. Many manufacturers offer their customers a high-tech and very expensive products and at the same time - the relevant financing services, including a reliable partner - the leasing company.