Advantages of Leasing for Suppliers

The development strategy of the company Eska Capital includes the construction of long-term partnerships with suppliers and dealers of foreign and Ukrainian equipment, transportation and technology. This is due to the fact that we are trying to create conditions for their clients to ensure efficient, uninterrupted operation of leased property.
The benefits you get by working with Eska Capital:

Leasing - a financial tool that allows you to significantly increase their sales, thus eliminating the risk of nonpayment or late payment. Suppliers enter into a contract of sale and receive 100% payment from the company Eska Capital.
Leasing involves extensive client base expansion. You get access to clients not only in your region, but also far beyond. Eska Company Capital works with clients from all over Ukraine.
Your customers get access to long-term capital without collateral.
Suppliers can receive objective information about the quality and durability of the property sold, as we monitor the technical condition and performance of leased assets throughout the term of the lease agreement.
You can be sure of the purity of ongoing legal transaction and fulfillment of all obligations on our part. Eska Capital - a company committed to the highest standards of business ethics. Our clients and partners - is the company that tested the reliability and reputation and, just as we cherish his name.
In an increasingly competitive sales opportunity in leasing is a very effective competitive advantage in the eyes of the consumer. If you've lost customers because of their lack of working capital or unwillingness to distract them from circulation, with the help you significantly increase the lease amount of their sales. In addition, working with our company, suppliers of virtually eliminate their own market risks, while at the same time, getting access to the wider markets.
The program of cooperation with the Capital Eska supplier develops an individual offer on leasing products supplied, formed specifically to meet the needs of the customers of the supplier, coordinating efforts in marketing and advertising. In addition, we provide promotional materials suppliers and place the information about them on our website under "Partners."
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