Stages of the lease agreement

  1. The lessee determines the supplier of the leased asset (or choose from a list of partners, the leasing company) and the terms of the transaction (price, delivery, completeness).
  2. The lessee shall submit an application and a complete set of documents to the leasing company. The application form and list of documents submitted to the company's website.
  3. The leasing company will review the documents and decide on funding on the basis of the indicators of the financial statements of your company and the characteristics of the object of lease (lifetime, the secondary value).
  4. Is a contract between the leasing company and the lessee.
  5. The lessee makes a down payment, after which the lessor pays the vendor the full value of the lease.
  6. The leasing company purchases the leased asset (eg, vehicles), and insures his property against all risks to the insurance company.
  7. The leased asset is transferred to the lessee possession and use of the term set by the lease agreement.
  8. The lessee pays the lease payments for a fixed term contract.
  9. After the performance of obligations under the lease agreement the lessee becomes the ownership of the leased