The advantages of financial leasing for the lessee

  • Purchasing a vehicle is not a one-time diversion of the Lessee's own funds.
  • Enough to provide a simple scheme in which he leased ensure continued funding of the transaction.
  • The initial costs are lower compared to the loan contract.
  • Ability to immediately start using your preferred motor vehicle equipment by paying only a portion of its value.
  • Payments made under the lease agreement, are the gross costs of your company, thus reducing the income tax.
  • Tax Credit for VAT on the full amount of the value of the leased asset that arises at the time of the transfer of the subject of leasing.
  • Ability to create flexible lease payments to repay the amount of the lease agreement allowing for the business activities of your company.
  • The cost of vehicle insurance is included in the lease payments in equal installments over the period of the lease.
  • The possibility of working capital due to reverse leasing services.
  • The leased asset is not subject to tax lien, and it can not be imposed a penalty of third parties.
The package of services provided by our company includes the design of car insurance (hull insurance), setting it on account of the traffic police, the payment of the Pension Fund (in the case of a car), the passage of the mandatory technical inspections, collect payment for transport and all other mandatory payments for of the lease term. Maintenance is not included in the lease payments that does not lead to an additional increase in the cost of the contract. Customer self-performs maintenance on the service station manufacturer.