General requirements for the lessee

Leased in the capital can be Eska property used for business purposes and meets the following requirements:

  • The leased asset must be of high quality and have a guarantee of the seller (except for b / y).B / have cars and appliances must be no older than 7 years.
  • The leased asset should be durable idemontiruemym.
  • The leased asset should be in demand in the market. It should not be unique.
  • The staff leasing company must be able to conduct regular monitoring of the operation of the leased asset. The project is not considered if the employee access to the leased asset is not possible.
  • Other Conditions

One of the most important conditions of the lease is an openness and willingness of the lessee to cooperate. Most often, analysts, leasing companies can not make a conclusion about the financial state of enterprises on the basis of a balance, you need more detailed information on cash flows, sources of raw materials markets. We appreciate the confidence in us by our customers, and on the other hand guarantee the confidentiality of information received.

Please note - we do not work with the following equipment:

  • vessels operating on international routes;
  • office equipment, personal computers and peripherals to them;
    aerospace engineering;
  • military equipment and weapons;
  • slot machines to give a cash prize and equipment for the casino.