How does our costumer win?

At present, the number of enterprises is a serious problem finding and attracting long-term investments to expand production, the acquisition of modern equipment and new technologies. Paying cash for equipment, you can significantly reduce the size of your current assets, and the possibility of obtaining credits to date are limited. Leasing offers a choice that saves your money and lets you get all the advantages of using the assets without paying full price for them right away. Leasing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to finance business development.

  • Leasing reduces the constraints on the budget the client - The client receives the equipment that he needs and is more perfect.
  • Leasing facilitates the transition to new hardware - It allows the customer to use the latest equipment, along with minimal financial investments
  • Leasing allows our customers to invest their funds in more profitable projects.
  • Leasing allows our customers to pay for the equipment to the best use of them, sharing expenses for the entire period of its economic life.
  • Leasing allows you to attribute lease payments are expensed. This is a legitimate opportunity to reduce your taxable income:
  • Leasing preserves your existing and future loans from banks.
  • Unlike the situation with bank credit, the lease transaction does not require collateral.
  • Lease payments allow our clients to clearly plan their monthly budgets.
  • Long-term installment payments significantly reduces the size and allows you to efficiently manage their assets.