Package founding and registration documents

The package of constituent documents and registration for the acquisition or lease:

  • The protocol decision of the higher governing body, which confirms the decision to acquire the object in the lease, limiting the amount of the contract and authorization to sign all those documents that are associated with the conclusion of the lease agreement;
  • copy of the Charter with a note of the tax inspectorate, notarized, with all changes and additions;
  • copy of the memorandum of association, certified by a notary, with all changes and additions;
  • A copy of state registration (notarized or body which it registers);
  • copy of a certificate from the Statistics Department (notarized, or the body that registers);
  • copy of the 4-Help OPN (notarized, or the authority which issued it);
  • copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Fund of social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases in Ukraine as a payer of social insurance contributions (notarized, or the body that registers);
  • copy of the document certifying the registration of the Pension Fund (certified by a notary or the authority that issued it);
  • minutes of the General Assembly on the establishment of the enterprise;
  • card with samples of signatures of persons who are entitled to dispose of accounts (2 pcs. notarized);
  • orders the appointment of persons who are included in the card with the signature;
  • photocopy of the passport and identification number of persons who are included in the card with the signature and the founders of the company;
  • fulfilling the Law of Ukraine № 249-IV for identification of the founders of the company must submit the following documents:
  • -If the founders - natural persons, it must submit a photocopy of passport pages that contain the last photo, full name, statement of the authority which issued the passport information on Domicile and the identification code;
  • -If the founder is a legal entity, it must submit a letter, which should contain the full name of the company, legal address of the company, number, date of registration of the company, the name of the organization that has registered the company.
  • copies of relevant licenses or patents, permits, approvals, if the activity subject to licensing and patenting;
  • copies of the documents that prove ownership / lease of the applicant's use of office and industrial premises, transport;

In due course - all copies must be stamped and signed by the lessee manager, chief accountant. The documents, which consist of 2 or more sheets to be stitched and each page must be stamped and signed by the head and chief accountant.