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Do you have a question regarding the lease agreement? This section contains answers to frequently asked questions about leasing. Perhaps there already, and yours.

If you can not find an answer to your question, you can ask him, send us an email or call our manager.

What is leasing?
According to the Law of Ukraine "On Financial Leasing":
"Leasing - a set of civil and legal relations that arise from financial leasing contract." The leasing contract - a contract under which the lessor agrees to purchase the property subject to the seller in accordance with the specifications of the lessee and give it to the lessee for a term not less than one year for a fee (lease payments). The leased asset - non-consumable thing, the legislation referred to fixed assets.

What advantages do I have a lease agreement?
The benefits you receive by leasing:

  • Ability to immediately start using your choice of vehicles or equipment, paying only a portion of its value.
  • Payments made under the lease agreement, are the gross costs of your company, thus reducing the income tax.
  • Tax Credit for VAT on the full amount of the cost of leased assets (except cars), which arises at the time of the transfer of a motor vehicle lessee.
  • Ability to create flexible lease payments to repay the amount of the lease agreement allowing for the business activities of your company.
  • The initial costs are lower compared to the loan contract.
  • The cost of vehicle insurance is included in the lease payments in equal installments over the period of the lease.
  • Ability to use the discount provided by the supplier.
  • The possibility of working capital of your company through the leaseback services.
  • The leased asset is not subject to tax lien, it can not be imposed a penalty of third parties.
  • Making a full package of required documents in the office of Eska Capital at a convenient time for you.

What services client receives, buying a car lease?
Passing the Customer leased, our company draws up a car insurance full hull insurance, puts it on record in the SAI, the Pension Fund shall pay (in case of a car), deals with the passage of technical inspections, paying transportation fee and all other required payments during the lease term. Maintenance is not included in payments made by the client and the self-service station on the manufacturer.

What costs are included in the monthly lease payment?
In the monthly lease payments are included: compensation cost of the car, the leasing interest, insurance, vehicle tax, pension fund (in case the car) and other mandatory payments and fees.

What is a service of the leasing company Eska Capital different from services provided to competitors?
Our company offers financial and operational leasing of vehicles, machinery and medical equipment. We provide assistance in the selection of equipment and advise our clients on all matters relating to the operation of equipment. We are a financial institution, so maintenance is performed independently Lessee. As a result, the final rise in car are lower than those of competitors.

Where can I get more information about leasing?
For more information on the lease you can fill the application form online or send email to info@eskacapital.com. After receiving the applications, our manager will contact you within 24 hours to provide full information on request. If you need assistance immediately, call one of these phones in the Contact section

How long does it take to review documents?
Upon receipt of the client package of documents and relevant information on the leasing transaction manager Eska Capital examines the project. Depending on the leased asset and the cost it takes from 1 to 5 days. During this period, the leasing company specialists conducted a financial analysis, project due diligence and verification of the economic security of the transaction.

What will be the more expensive the car when it was leased?
The size increased cost of the vehicle depends on its type (car or truck, bus, etc.), cost, size, the first payment (deposit), the lease term.

Why is the percentage rise in price of the vehicle, calculated as the ratio of the total payments to the original cost of the car, a large percentage of net appreciation of the car, the calculation indicated by the leasing calculator?
Net appreciation of the car - it is more expensive due to its leasing services, ie the cost of raising funds for its purchase. The general rise in car - a sum that includes a number of mandatory payments such as contributions to the Pension Fund, registration costs, the tax on owners of vehicles, insurance and other mandatory payments that are payable regardless of how the car was purchased (for their own means for making a loan or lease).

Who provides property insurance?
Insurance of motor vehicle operated by Eska Capital. Upon request, the client can independently recommended to insure a car in our insurance company. Liability insurance company / driver of the vehicle and performed by Eska Capital.

Can I pay early?
If the client remain free cash flow, it is more appropriate to re-invest in business development, than to reduce the term of the lease. However, the early closing of the lease agreement by the client is possible.

Can I buy a car lease with Capital Eska, if I live / registered in the city, where there is no representation of your company?
Yes, you can buy a car with our help if you spelled out in any region of Ukraine, for this you need to contact the central office in Kiev -044 228 3983, to provide for the consideration of all required documents (via email / fax), in the case positive decision on financing, or you come to us to sign the contract in Kiev, our manager, or leaves you.

What types of vehicles do you work?
With all kinds of (trucks, machinery, heavy machinery, cars, buses) and the Motor Vehicle brands sold in the territory of Ukraine.

Who selects the car?
The lessee chooses the leased asset, but if you need help, we can assist you in choosing the best option, since we are working with the major dealers, and because of this, you can get a discount, reducing the rise in the cost of leasing object.

In what currency is the contract?
The contract is UAH, the Ukrainian currency.

Who absorbs the object of lease (on whose balance sheet is)?
As a rule, the object of lease the lessee and is amortized on his balance sheet.

Is it possible to place the first installment, upon receipt of leasing for the purchase of a truck, to give credit to his truck?
Should be considered each case specifically. It is possible either through the use of leaseback schemes or through the purchase of your truck.

Can you imagine a lease calculator on the website?
By posting on the site "lease calculator" we deny the possibility of our potential lessee adjusting the schedule of lease payments. In a direct appeal to the leasing company to provide a preliminary schedule of the lease agreement (the phone specified in the Contact section) you will receive payments calculated on the basis of all the risks of the project and its social significance. All calculations were carried out by experts from companies, take into account not only the term of the lease agreement, Lessee's down payment, delivery of property under a contract of sale, but the activity of your company and even the possible seasonality of your business. In other words, we individually consider each application of our client.

Our company wants to lease approximately 20 cars. We do not have motor transport. Is it possible to record your vehicle fleet. As in this case will be processed documents: who writes logs, do we need medical services?
Registration of vehicles in the traffic police authorities carried out on the company car fleet Eska Capital. You are using the vehicle power of attorney granted the right to control. To write off fuel costs and payroll driver can also use traffic logs. Medical examination is necessary only when the vehicle is registered in your fleet.

Be sure to provide you with bail?
No, this is not a prerequisite. In most cases, property that we provide in the lease, is sufficient to provide. In some cases, the low liquidity of the leased asset, the provision of collateral possible. This is largely for medical and dental equipment.

Is it possible to terminate the lease agreement and purchase property in the property?
Yes, it is available. In each case the terms and conditions of redemption are considered individually.

To lease only new property?
No, our leasing company leases as new equipment, vehicles and equipment, as well as second hand.

Can a lessee to travel abroad with the vehicle was leased?
Yes, of course, such a possibility.

Good afternoon. Tell lease payments include transportation tax?

How do you get the leased asset?
Preparation of the leased asset is carried out in the presence of the supplier, the leasing company and lessee. Parties signed the act of transfer and acceptance of a contract of sale and delivery-acceptance certificate under the lease agreement. The representative of the lessee to carry a letter of attorney to sign and passport.

Please tell us what agreements are made at the conclusion of a leasing deal?
Leasing is a three-way deal. The lessor acquires the seller transport, equipment or other property and transfers it to the lessee. The package signed documents include a contract of sale between the vendor and the leasing company and lease agreement between lessor and lessee.

If the machines are in your lease, be sure to design a hull? If yes, then we must go to you or you can apply to any insurance company?
A lease agreement requires mandatory car insurance hull insurance. Among the partners of Capital Eska leading insurance operators in Ukraine, whose reliability has years of cooperation. Our experts will select for you the best option of insurance. We also offer our clients preferential treatment due to insurance corporate insurance rates.

Interested in leasing payment terminals, and is it possible to conclude a treaty with a foreign company.
As a rule, we do not lease payment terminals, but we are willing to consider such a possibility. You must provide a standard package of documents to us for consideration. At the conclusion of the lease agreement as the supplier of the equipment can act as a Ukrainian and foreign company.

What is the minimum period of consideration of applications for the purchase of heavy vehicles?
Term of the application depends on several factors. At the same time takes into consideration the cost of the leased asset, its availability from the supplier and the client state of the financial statements. The minimum term for consideration of applications for freight transport about one hour. For more information you consult experts on the lease of our company.

Can private entrepreneurs from other regions to obtain leases from your company and on what terms?
Our company operates throughout the territory of Ukraine

Are you looking for technology companies to order?
The choice of technology and the search provider - is entitled to the lessee. However, if necessary, we provide assistance in selecting technology and negotiating with suppliers. During the validity of contracts, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the faithful implementation of the commitments of equipment vendors.

Do you work with budding entrepreneurs?
We see the application start-ups and make a decision depending on the factors of the transaction.

Can I get funding for a second before the first lease agreement?

Can I surrender the leased asset on lease or mortgage it?
The leased asset is owned by Capital Eska over the lease term, respectively, lay it you can not. Leasing is permitted with the prior written consent of Capital Eska.

How to determine if my project for the lease financing?
We work with companies that initially satisfy the following conditions:
The presence of a potential customer 25% -40% of the cost of purchased equipment for down payment, and the ability to implement without borrowing or negative impact on their working capital;
The leased asset must meet the requirements of quality, durability and liquidity.

Funding for the acquisition of what is possible in the equipment leasing?
Eska Company Capital provides leasing services of various vehicles, agricultural equipment, machinery, medical and dental equipment, as well as a new b / y. The main thing - to the leased asset was physically and mentally durable and liquidity in the local market.

Can I get financing for the purchase of raw materials or goods?
It is possible for the leaseback scheme, if the company has liquid equipment or transportation. In this enterprise, having the equipment (lessee), sell it to a leasing company (lessor) under a contract of sale and receive funds from this transaction. The leasing company transfers the equipment is leased to the same company under a lease agreement. Thus, the company serves and seller and the lessee at the same time. Having signed a lease agreement, the lessee continues to use its equipment and solves the problem of working capital. At the end of the lease agreement and subject to the payment of all lease payments, ownership of the leased asset revert to the lessee.