Stages of the transaction

The first interview
A distinctive feature of the company Eska Capital is a single standard of service to all customers who have applied to the company. The main objective of our managers at this stage to conduct a comprehensive advice on leasing and choose the most advantageous for the customer cooperation scheme.

We believe that the relationship is largely a leasing company with a client depends on the level of professionalism and accountability of staff. The client goes when he is limited in the information on the transaction does not receive clear answers to these questions and do not feel interested in the work of the leasing company, which should be his long term partner.
Referring to the Eska Company Capital guarantee you'll be working with a personal manager, whose duties meet your needs the most efficient way. To do this, you just need to call or write to us, and at a convenient time for you Eska Capital Manager will come to you or meet you at our office. Regardless of the venue of the meeting, you will be made all the necessary calculations and offered a variety of conditions.

After all the terms of the transaction, you will receive a request for lease financing. In order to save time and speed up the process of customer decision on the application, we have developed a scheme of phased delivery of documents.

Examination of the leasing transaction
Upon receipt of the client package of documents and relevant information on the leasing transaction, credit expert company Eska Capital examines the project. Depending on the leased asset and the cost it takes from 1 to 3 days. During this period, the leasing company specialists conducted a financial analysis, project due diligence and verification of the economic security of the transaction.

If in the process of analysis will identify the information, preventing the conclusion of the lease agreement, the customer shall be informed immediately and return it received from it the whole package of documents. The main reasons for refusal to work with the client are the presence of negative information about the client through the law enforcement agencies, information about the unfair exercise of its obligations, as well as the unreliability of these financial statements.

An important part of the company Eska Capital is to coordinate all the conditions of sale and purchase agreement with the supplier of the leased asset. The accumulated experience and reputation allows us to achieve the most favorable conditions for the supply of equipment. We are very closely approach the issues of insurance for the period of transportation of the leased asset, to the issues of after-sales service from the provider, such as warranty, provision of spare parts and much more.

The final decision on the transaction is made on the credit committee of the company Eska Capital, which takes place every day. Once a positive decision shall be made, the client will be informed immediately, and signed contracts.

Legally, the lease deal in the company Eska Capital secured two contracts:

  • lease agreement between the Eska Capital and the client.
  • contract of sale between the supplier and the Eska Capital leased assets.

Both treaties are signed in one day. The implementation of both treaties begins with the introduction of an advance by the client.

Delivery of equipment
Control over the supply of equipment and other associated with the delivery of the moments by the leasing company with a client.

This scheme allows you to effectively and expeditiously resolve all issues arising during the period of this phase.
Once the supplier will fulfill its obligations under the contract of sale or use of equipment transferred to the client for a period of the lease agreement.

After the transfer of customer provided equipment operation monitoring of leased assets from the company Eska Capital.
By monitoring we mean a visit to the client's business, access to the leased asset to monitor its condition, the degree of congestion and wear and tear. The regularity of visits depends on the client's payment discipline.

Change of ownership
After payment of the totality of the lease payments, ownership of the leased asset is transferred from the company Eska Capital client.

Signed by the act of verification of debt and an additional agreement to the lease agreement under which the customer becomes the owner of the equipment.