Car leasing


The ESKA Capital company actively finance the projects on new and used car leasing!

Light Motor Vehicles 

Sport-utility vehicles

Light trucks (capacity up to 2 tons)

Procedure of deal on car leasing registration in the ESKA Capital company:

You select one or more cars from the dealer.

Fill out a simple form and together with a simplified package of documents refer it to us.

Having received a positive conclusion, you sign a lease agreement and make an advance payment. At the same time ESKA Capital sign an agreement of sale with the car dealer.

The car is insured and transferred to you in possession and use for a lease term that specified in the agreement.

You pay the car value and at the end of the agreement period the ownership of the vehicles goes to you.

Purchase a car on lease in ESKA Capital, you get the several advantages:

As opposed to the situation with a conventional bank loan the collateral is not required. You just need to make an advance payment from the purchased car value.

Long-term installment plan significantly reduces the size of regular payments and allows you to more efficiently manage your assets.


You can get a decision on the approval of your application within 15 minutes!