Dental Equipment Leasing


Leasing of dental equipment is the most convenient and financially beneficial way to rapid expansion and renovation of your business.

The ESKA Capital company is ready to finance for you the purchase of dental equipment for any purpose of foreign manufacturers. Our extensive experience and established contacts with suppliers provide you with the best terms and price.

Features of dental equipment leasing in the ESKA Capital company:

  • We finance only new dental equipment;
  • Lease financing rate - from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000;
  • Advance payment - 30% -40% from equipment value;
  • Compulsory insurance covers all risks;
  • Different versions of the lease payment schedules;
  • No restrictions on the distance of client's business from the ESKA Capital office;
  • Long-term financing - up to 3 years;
  • Flexibility and relevance with the Clients’ requests;
  • Individual approach to each Client;
  • Quickness ​​of requests review and decision-making;
  • Clarity and simplicity of documents preparation.

Our Client can be any legal person or entrepreneur that interested in profitable financing schemes in the process of fitting by dental equipment.

Leasing is becoming increasingly necessary practice for many dental companies, hospitals, clinics and cabinets interested in the technical re-equipment, modernization of its medical database, and business competitiveness improving. The advantages of leasing scheme are: optimization of tax benefits, ease of getting over a bank loan.

Compared with other ways of property acquisition, such as direct purchase or a bank loan, leasing has significant advantages:

For leasing deal conclusion it should be paid only 40% of leasing subject value. Thus, the equipment acquisition is performed without one-time diversion of equity funds large amounts.

At the leasing deal conclusion usually do not require additional collateral, since the leasing subject is owned by a leasing company and serves as the collateral.

Leasing deal is not reflected in the balance as debt capital thus supports the optimal debt ratio; the balance liquidity does not deteriorate and does not decrease the possibility of obtaining additional loans and credits.

At the lease agreement conclusion we provide the Lessee with full range of insurance service and state registration of the leasing subject at the relevant authorities.

Leasing scheme provides the possibility of more flexible and individual approach to the repayment schedule compared to other sources of financing.

To conclude a lease agreement is much simpler: a preliminary decision is made ​​on request, the minimal package of documents and does not require a notary registration. There is no need for collateral, its assessment, insurance and registration.

ESKA Capital offers only the cost-effective leasing that means:

  • funding currency - hryvnia.
  • fast processing of your application - usually within three days!
  • no requirements for collateral - enough to make the advance payment!
  • long maturities - use your resources for business development today!
  • available financing rates - please contact now, and you will be provided with individual calculation!
  • no additional fees for consideration of the application - our appreciation rate includes all


You can get a decision on the approval of your application within 15 minutes!