The leaseback program of ESKA Capital company offers many opportunities for business. Leaseback allows to "freeing" the funds that were invested in the purchase of equipment, machinery or vehicles. At the same time the technique will remain with you and will continue to generate income.

The leaseback scheme is simple: suppose you have machinery, car or even equipment, but you feel the need in funds. You can sell your property to the ESKA Capital company, get about 70% of its value and then take it on lease. At the end of the contract the property will go back to your property.

The production process in this case is not interrupted because the property will not physically move, and ownership change occurs only documented.

The received funds you can use at your option - to purchase new equipment and increase production or invest in business.

Please contact us by phone or fill in the application on-line, and our specialists will prepare for you all the calculations and give the professional advice on all your questions.