Leasing construction equipment


The ESKA Capital company has extensive experience in financing of heavy equipment and special machines leasing project and maintains traditionally strong positions in this segment.

Features of heavy equipment and special machines leasing in the ESKA Capital company:

  • We finance both new and used machines. The optimum age of used machines - up to 7 years.
  • Compulsory insurance covers all risks.
  • Different versions of the lease payment schedules including seasonally adjusted of client's business.
  • No restrictions on the distance of client's business from the ESKA Capital office.
  • Long-term financing - up to 3 years.

ESKA Capital offers only the cost-effective leasing that means:

  1. funding currency - hryvnia.
  2. fast processing of your application - usually within one day!
  3. no requirements for collateral - enough to make the advance payment!
  4. long maturities - use your resources for business development today!
  5. available financing rates - please contact now, and you will be provided with individual calculation!
  6. no additional fees for consideration of the application - our appreciation rate includes all


You can get a decision on the approval of your application within 15 minutes!