Leasing for entrepreneurs


Due to the nature of its activities the individual entrepreneurs have not access to a wide range of banking products. Leasing is often the only affordable way to purchase fixed assets for individual entrepreneurs. We tried to make this method more intuitive and user-friendly.

The business of individual entrepreneurs is more dynamic and prudent. Our leasing program allows you to respond quickly to changes in the business allows you to plan clearly and consistently to develop it.

For the leasing company the conclusion of lease agreement with the individual entrepreneur is associated with relatively high risk. In this regard, we hope for understanding on your part, if in some cases, we propose to increase the size of the advance payment (from 30 to 40%) or ask to agree with supplier the repurchase agreement (on equipment). In a particularly risky when it comes to project start-up, we require a contract of guarantee. Any of your current or future contractors may enter into a contract of guarantee with the leasing company. The main condition of the contract - in case of default (two consecutive non-payment), the leasing company pays its attention to the surety. The guarantor may charge the fees to pay, and then the lessee shall be calculated with him.

We try to meet the interests of our clients' businesses, small and medium businesses, and much simplify the process of leasing deals conclusion. Now you can buy the needed car or equipment for a few days, having only 25% of its value. In the case of a significant period of delivery, or other unique circumstances, we are ready to deal with individual scheme of deals financing.

The legislation allows individual entrepreneurs to use in case of leasing the same benefits as legal persons: accelerated depreciation, the assignment of lease payments for costs and reduced income taxes. For entrepreneurs with a simplified form of tax it is better to keep the property on its balance sheet. This will provide additional savings to the property tax.

To use the services of a leasing company you need to pass a standard procedure of capacity assessing and creditworthiness. For this the client should provide a package of documents and fill in the application form.


You can get a decision on the approval of your application within 15 minutes! To do this you must fill in the application or call us.