MasterLiasing is a new service of the ESKA Capital company.

Over 70% of clients come to us for re-financing within a year from the date of the first contract. This means that in us the clients see a reliable financial partner, with whom to work comfortably and easily. In order to improve the quality of service, and to strengthen long-term cooperation, we offer a new service MasterLiasing.

MasterLiasing a kind of "credit leasing line" within the framework of such line is established and approved by a certain limit per client that is not taken at once, only as and when necessary.

This service is focused on both the current partners of ESKA Capital, as well as for new customers who have applied for the first time to the company. If your business development will require the investments attraction worth more than $ 300 thousand during year, ESKA Capital is the most profitable and efficient partner for you.


You can send the application on-line!

The advantages of MasterLiasing in the ESKA Capital company:

  • Guaranteed financing for the acquisition of fixed assets during the year.
  • Collection of documents 1 time per year when you conclude the first deal, the following are made ​​on the basis of your application and the required property specification.
  • The possibility of more detailed planning for a year respectively quicker implementation of planned projects.
  • Absence of client commitment on full using of limit.
  • Prompt decision on providing - get a decision on your second application within 15 minutes!
  • The minimal advance payment for the acquired property.
  • The main conditions of the MasterLiasing program:
  • The minimum amount of annual funding - $ 300 thousand
  • The subject of deals can be any machinery, transport, vehicles and equipment.

Execution of MasterLiasing goes according to the standard procedures of the ESKA Capital company and takes about 2 - 4 days.

For deals processing through the MasterLiasing program it is necessary to provide the following:

- Application.

- Specification of acquirable property.

If necessary, the client limits are reviewed and renewed once per month.