For banks


Cooperation with banks is a key direction of our business.

With many years' experience of work with banks, we know their capabilities, needs and expectations, that's exactly why we can become your trusted partner.

From the bank's standpoint leasing is not worse, and in many ways even better than other directions of credit activities.

Firstly, the leasing as direction for long-term bank investments is, in most cases, one of the most stable and non-risky. This is mainly due to the characteristic and essential for leasing transfer and preservation of title by the Lessor to the transferred property for the duration of the contract. Practically, due to this bank hedges a portion of its risks in case of problems with the Lessee and not left alone with the "incomprehensible" property, by seizure and sale issues of which the bank usually do not used.

The leasing company being the owner of the transferred property can minimize the risks, for example, through the Repurchase Agreements with supplier or manufacturer. Such agreement can be implemented in the event that the Client-Lessee is completely unable to perform his obligations. In any case, a professional leasing company as the owner of transferred property and in fact the ultimate defendant for it before the bank is much more flexible in the aspect of methods and opportunities of debt maturity than a normal Client.

The strategy of partnerships with bank that was developed by us takes into account the specific features of the Ukrainian market and the modern desire of bankers. Our offer allows the banks to insure their risks in the process of loans issuing - you work only with a proven leasing company, and not with dozen entrepreneurs. In addition, we guarantee the payments exactly on time irrespective of whether the Client pays us or not, because for us the reputation before the bank is above all things. You do not need to seize the collateral equipment and then sell it as non-core asset. We sell all the seized equipment by ourselves or pass on lease, while we continue to pay the credit line.

Simply said, the "bridge" between the bank and enterprise as a professional Lessor is additional and tangible insurance for any lending institution.

Secondly, a professional leasing company may be necessary, useful and interesting for the bank as an expert of projects structuring and "interpreter" that coordinate the specific and features of investment projects of Client-Lessee with the requirements and regulations of financing bank. Moreover, this procedure applies not only to the large-scale deals, but also to the "retail" deals of small and medium volume with a range from 1 to 10 million hryvnias.

Any way the professional Lessor is the coordinator and supervisor of whole project, who combines the financial model of deal with supply, thrash out and covering all possible risks of bank, customer, supplier and, of course, its own. Also, the professional Lessor is a valuable source of methodological assistance to the bank, able to create effective assessment models of leasing projects and Lessees that meet the requirements and conditions of the bank.

Thirdly, stable and close cooperation with our company will also align the imbalance in the work of departments inside a specific bank by planning of active banking transactions volume and allocation of customers between departments (that would provide idle departments with jobs).

Fourthly, cooperation with the ESKA Capital leasing company for your bank, among other things, opens a new channel for finance services sales – it is the work with suppliers of machinery and equipment: making deal with them, we involve partners not only for us, but for your bank as a whole - many of them become the Clients on other products of your bank.

Thus, in our view the above aspects are the basis for a constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation between the bank and our leasing company.

In cooperation with lending institutions, we develop and adapt the modern and convenient for you programs. We are ready to consider all the promotional credit terms with your bank.

The cooperation with our company helps the credit institutions to operate uninterruptedly on the benefit of their clients and to avoid financial losses.

On all questions regarding mutually beneficial partnership, we are ready to respond to you at any time convenient for you.