Commercial proposal for the implementation of collateral equipment


The ESKA Capital leasing company has the professional sellers of cars, buses, special machines, agricultural, commercial and road construction equipment in its structure and offers mutually beneficial cooperation for the banks on return collateral equipment.

The company has a qualified staff capable of any complexity problems solving and having experience with both domestic and imported equipment with new and used.

We offer you a ready-made complex decision associated with the realisation of seized cars, hard, construction and special machines:

  • providing of supervised parking;
  • stage (delivery)of vehicles to the parking;
  • pre-sale preparation of machines (washing, salons dry cleaning, removal of small body damages, plastic parts);
  • finding a buyer and your vehicles and other machinery demonstration;
  • support of purchase and sales transaction;
  • sale of vehicles and construction equipment at the agreed with you best cost.

Thus, we completely take care of all matters arising in the process of storage and sale of seized vehicles and equipment. Using the professional services to implement the technology return, your company will be able to refuse a marketing department and the recruitment of additional staff to resolve the issue with the storage of transport, optimizing costs. Our employees are experts in solving these problems, and our experience allows us to minimize costs, which in turn helps to optimize processes and save you time and money.

Why it is more efficient to sell through our company:

We sell cars and machines on the market price;

Sales through our company carried out in minimum time that allows you to save on costs to parking;

Fast realisation allows you to reduce the share of overdue receivables in the portfolio and enhance the portfolio quality;

Minimizing the cost of realisation administration of distressed assets - you only need to conclude the contract with our company and sign a monthly acts of acceptance, everything else are ready to do our specialists;

The availability of Sales Manager is 12 hours a day, 7 days a week;

The presence of own client base greatly accelerates the process of selling;

Selling through a specialized company allow not to advertise on the market that you realize the troubled assets.

Thus, contacting us, you:

  • Sell ​​faster and more expensive
  • Save time and money
  • Save the image

If you are interested in cooperation, fill in the application on our web-site or write to us (with specifying the name of your company, contact person and your phone number) and we will contact you shortly.