For medical equipment suppliers


The development strategy of the ESKA Capital company includes building long-term partnerships with suppliers of imported medical and dental equipment, demanded by the Ukrainian market.

the ESKA Capital company is interested in establishing partnerships with suppliers, leaders in their markets, which have direct channels of equipment supply directly from its manufacturers, which have a local service base that allows high-quality and timely service the equipment delivered by them. An important aspect for us is the presence of a positive reputation of supplier in the business community.

Through the cooperation the ESKA Capital company with supplier structures the individual lease program, formed specifically to meet the needs of customers of the supplier. Through the leasing program ESKA Capital company and supplier form the special offer on lease to move demanded by the market units of equipment supplier to customers. To convey the conditions of the special leasing program and special products, the ESKA Capital company and supplier shall develop and implement a marketing program.

Also as part of working closely with supplier the ESKA Capital company assists its sales representatives to work with clients and conducting the training of suppliers' sales departments. Education involves the interpretation of the foundations of leasing, analysis of Ukrainian legislation on leasing, explaining the advantages of leasing to customers. In addition to regular seminars, the ESKA Capital company provides the suppliers of equipment with advertising and information materials necessary to work with clients, and takes part in joint exhibitions of equipment.

Every day working with clients, suppliers' managers of sales recommend interesting in the purchase of equipment customers that meet to the leasing company requirements, to contact the ESKA Capital company for obtaining lease financing. Our company guarantees the confidentiality of information about client received from the supplier.

For equipment suppliers the partnership with the ESKA Capital company provide the following advantages:

Leasing - a financial instrument that allows supplier to significantly increase their sales, because the potential buyers of equipment, with only 25-40% of equipment value with a leasing company and its funds may purchase equipment on its full value

Leasing involves intensive expansion of customer base - customers who were unable or unwilling to divert working capital for the purchase of equipment, can now become your customers. The supplier who cooperation with the ESKA Capital company appears the lease mechanism of its clients financing. In this case the supplier implements the supply without any installment payments for equipment and unwanted discounts;

Leasing create the possibility of generation additional revenue on  the equipment service that leased, as well as resale the seized by the ESKA Capital company from non-paying lessees (if necessary) and returned to the supplier equipment.

The main advantage to working with the ESKA Capital company is that with us the equipment suppliers can advise to their clients not only the best equipment, but also offer a real way to finance this purchase.

If your company is a supplier of medical and dental equipment and you are interested in obtaining more information about the program of cooperation with the ESKA Capital company fill in the application and our partner relationship manager will contact you as soon as possible.