For suppliers of vehicles and equipment


The development strategy of the ESKA Capital company includes building long-term partnerships with suppliers of imported and Ukrainian vehicles and equipment demanded by the domestic market. This is due to the fact that we are trying to create conditions for our clients to ensure effective, trouble-free operation of leased property.

Our basic requirements - the location of the supplier of the leasing subject on the territory of Ukraine, the ability to provide professional installation and commissioning, maintenance, timely delivery of spare parts, consulting by technical experts.

In an increasingly competitive sales opportunity on lease is a very effective competitive advantage in the eyes of the consumer. If you've lost customers because of their lack of working capital or unwillingness to distract them from circulation, then, by leasing you significantly increase your sales. In addition, working with our company, suppliers of virtually eliminate its own market risk, while at the same time, getting access to the wider markets.

With a large and stable resource base, the company ESKA Capital can guarantee with its part a high degree of reliability and quality of leasing deals execution, as well as the efficiency of processing incoming requests.

Number of acquired equipment is limited only by the capabilities of its application, rather than financial resources of client. Your clients can simultaneously acquire more high-quality, modern, and therefore more expensive equipment. Working with us, you can significantly increase your sales, and to expand the market.

The advantages that you get by working with the ESKA Capital company:

Leasing - a financial instrument that allows you to significantly increase your sales, thus eliminates the risk of non-payment or late payment. Suppliers enter into a contract of sale and receive 100% payment from the ESKA Capital company.

Leasing involves extensive client base expansion. You get access to clients not only in your region, but also far beyond. The ESKA Capital company works on the territory of Ukraine.

Your customers will have access to long-term capital without any collateral. At the same time the lease agreement can be up to 3 years.

For many companies, an important factor in deciding whether to upgrade plant and equipment are additional tax benefits under the laws of Ukraine, the use of leasing.

Suppliers can receive objective information about the quality and durability of the property sold, as we monitor the technical condition and performance of leasing subjects over the life of the lease agreement.

You can be sure in the legal purity of concluded deal and ongoing performance of all obligations on our part. The ESKA Capital company - committed to high standards of business ethics. Our clients and partners are the companies that are tested reputation and reliability, and just as we value their name.

We guarantee that:

  • consider an application on lease from your client in one-day period and offer preliminary financial terms of leasing;
  • having examined the application and documents the client, not more than 2 days we will make a decision about financing opportunities and develop the optimal financing scheme for a particular client.

We consider the cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers as one of the main directions of development and see that there is mutual interest in such cooperation. We are interested in new clients, we understand the interest of suppliers in long-term (at least 2-3 years) financing of consumers of their products and are willing to provide the necessary resources to their customers in the shortest possible time.

When choosing a supplier partners, our company is guided by the following principles:

  • implementation of equipment supply  to suppliers directly from the manufacturer;
  • presence of a service provider;
  • presence of extensional customer base;
  • opportunity to ensure realisation of equipment in the event of early termination of the lease agreement;
  • ability to attract the cooperation with our company lessees in accordance with our requirements.

We have no restrictions on the industry, but the priority for our company is the collaboration with suppliers of the following types of equipment:

  • vehicles;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • construction equipment;
  • special machines;
  • trucks and tractors;
  • trailers and semi- trailers;
  • busses.

Through the cooperation The ESKA Capital company with supplier:

develops an individual offer on leasing of supplied products, formed specifically to meet the needs of customers of this supplier;

proposes the development and participation in joint programs of leasing;

coordinates efforts in sector of marketing and advertising, promotions, exhibitions and other events to promote the  products of supplier in the market.

In addition, we conduct the special workshops designed to help sales personnel of supplier to the subtleties of lease financing, we provide the suppliers with promotional materials and place the information about them on our site.

Cooperation with The ESKA Capital company for manufacturers and suppliers means the possibility to:


- their equipment to those companies who would like to buy it, but do not have sufficient funds to outright purchase;


- to their customers an efficient way of property acquiring, that saves its own funds;


- alternative proposals on their equipment sale;

- our abilities to carry out leasing projects throughout the territory of Ukraine;

- pluses of reliable and trustworthy partner.

If your company is a supplier of passenger cars, buses, special machines, construction equipment, trucks, tractors, trailers, semi-trailers, or agricultural machinery, and you are interested in obtaining more information about the program of cooperation with the ESKA Capital company fill in the application and our partner relationship manager will contact you as soon as possible.